Kamptal Verjus

About Kamptal Verjus

What is Kamptal Verjus?

Kamptal Verjus is the juice from unripely harvested wine grapes grown at the vineyards of Barbara Öhlzelt. The word "Verjus" is French and means "green juice". It is pronounced [where-schu].

Since September 1st, 2009 two brands of Kamptal Verjus are sold - Verjus made from "Grüner Veltliner" and Verjus made from "Zweigelt", a third one was added since. By the way, the Zweigelt grapes come from Thomas Leithner, located at Langenlois, whose great-grandfather discovered this kind of grape. The ways these kinds of Verjus are used are very different:

Verjus Flaschen Kamptal Verjus made from Grüner Veltliner grapes:

Fits wonderful to perfect light sauces, to marinade salads and to finish desserts and ice cream. It is a delicacy if used to preserve vegetables like zucchini or pumpkin. Verjus made from Grüner Veltliner grapes was hand-picked on August 12th, 2009 at 9.5 Grad KMW and 21‰ acid.

Kamptal Verjus made from Zweigelt grapes:

Fits wonderful to perfect dark sauces, for beef and for marinading of deer. Verjus from Zweigelt grapes may also be used to preserve dark fruits. Verjus made from Zweigelt grapes was hand-picked at 10.5 Grad KMW and tastes a little milder then its Grüner Veltliner sibling.

Verjus and it's Renaissance at the Kamptal:

Verjus is a re-discovery: It was widely common during medieval times for producing acidic-flavor within meals and was an essential part of many recipes. It was also used under the name "Agrest" as a natural cure bringing cooling effects.
During the 17th century Verjus fell into oblivion when the first citrus fruits appeared in Europe.
Today, Verjus regains its place within the top-catering and top-gastronomy business. And rigthly so, because its acid is milder and "rounder" then that from vinegar. The flavor is more refined as that from lemons. This makes Verjus being the best coice for meals which are served with wine. It is versatile and may be used in salad's marinades, sauses or even when producing ice cream.
Verjus is an important part of specialities like Dijon mustard, but also used in other common mustards - that is to say Vejus makes your cooking more refined.

How does Kamptal Verjus taste?

Kamptal Verjus stands out especially through its balance in acid and fructose. The adic is not too dominant, the taste is fruity and the refreshing flavor reminds on grapes and pears.

To produce Kamptal Verjus, only grapes grown at the valley of the river "Kamp" are used.